What is my.Fairfield?

my.Fairfield is Fairfield University’s portal.
A portal, by our definition, is a place with information pertinent and useful to each set of constituents within the Fairfield University Community:  Students, Faculty, Staff, Alumni.  Information contained in the portal, my.Fairfield, is secured by requiring each user to sign in with their unique NetID username and password.  Once signed in to the portal constituents view common pieces of information, such as parking, housing, registration, University announcements and such, as well as information unique to them:  class schedules, tax forms, health benefits, advising information and more.

Also within my.Fairfield are shortcuts, found in the "LaunchPad", to access frequently-used software used across the University such as Outlook email for Faculty and Staff, Gmail for Students, BlackBoard course management, Lynda.com learning video system and more.  Once signed in to my.Fairfield users click the link to access a page permissioned for them in each system.

How do I sign in to my.Fairfield?
All users must use a valid NetID and password to sign in to my.Fairfield.  If you need assistance claiming your NetID or have forgotten your password, please here fairfield.edu/NetID or contact the ITS4U Helpdesk at 203-254-4069.

Prospective Students seeking Admission Decisions
The letter mailed to you includes a valid NetID and password to use, along with the other information included in your letter from Admissions.  Please follow the direction exactly.

Do I need to use a specific internet browser?
You may use any browser on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.  For the most consistent experience we recommend using common browsers:  Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. 

Can I use my smartphone or tablet to access information in my.Fairfield?
my.Fairfield is built for use on computers. It is possible to login and navigate my.fairfield, like any website, via smartphones and tablets, but it is not currently optimized for mobile use and the experience is not ideal, but we are working on improving that every day!

If you are having difficulty navigating or accessing the information you need it is recommended to switch to a laptop or desktop computer for the best performance.

Help! My NetID and password will not allow me to sign in to my.Fairfield
The most common problem when signing in is mistyping.  Please try typing your netID and password very carefully with your current information, passwords are case sensitive.  If you are confident in your typing and still unsuccessful signing in please go to the webpage for NetID management:  http://fairfield.edu/netid You will be able to reset your password by answering correctly the security questions selected the first time you set up your NetID (this does not apply to Prospective Students seeking Admission Decisions).

If you need additional assistance please contact the ITS4U Help Desk for support
Phone:  203-254-4069
Email:   itshelpdesk@fairfield.edu

Or see http://www.fairfield.edu/its/its4uhelpdesk/ (for hours and other information)

To Prospective Students seeking Admission Decisions:

Please Note - the ITS4U Help Desk is for technical support.  Any questions pertaining to your admissions information should be directed to the information found on your Admissions Decision letter.